My friend’s Cristelle Aucoin message to Super Junior

” Can I just say that I really…really wanna hug every single member of Super Junior really tight right now…Like one by one.

I wanna thank Leeteuk so much for writing awesome songs on the album, and that he is the best leader in the world. 

I wanna tell Kangin that whatever happens, I forgive him and he just prove to the world that everybody has faults and that we can overcome them…That he is a good person and that he is the most genuine and heart warming person ever. 

I wanna thank Ryeowook (who is my piano and singing idol) that he is the cutest fkn thing on earth and that no matter what people say, he will always stay one of my favorites. 

I wanna thank Donghae, who lost his father and STILL remained capable of showing strength, and love, and affection towards everyone. Who is an amazing dancer, rapper, singer, etc…And being beautiful as always. 

I wanna tell Eunhyuk that he is sincerely so gorgeous and charismatic in his own way, even if he doesn’t think he is. He is so talented, and I wanna thank him for always putting a smile on my face no matter what and making my heart beat faster than anybody has ever had. ♥ 

I wanna tell Sungmin that I really look up to him, probably the person who I’d get along the best in Super Junior. I wanna thank him for working so hard and being the cutest aegyo prince on this earth. 

I wanna thank Kyuhyun, for being our miracle ♥ For fighting hard for all of us and being able to survive such a thing, he really is, looks like and has the voice of an angel. Thank you for being there for your hyungs, even if you are a bit of a dick sometimes 😉 LOL. Thank you for making me feel emotions through your songs. Oh, and you also go very well with my best friend 😉 

I wanna tell Shindong that he proved to everyone that image is not important. And that everyone should be accepted as they are. Thank you Shindong, for proving to people that beauty does not define talent. Even, if you are one of the beautiful people I have ever seen. Confidence is attractive, and you really showed everyone that. 

I wanna tell that beautiful Hangeng that I miss him. And that I can’t wait for him to return. Seems like there’s an empty place for him in SJ, and I can’t wait for the day that he’s going to fiill up that space. 

I wanna tell thank you to Henry, for inspiring me so much, for making me so proud to call myself a Canadian, to inspire me so muchhhh in general. Thank you for practicing so hard and not giving up. 

Zhou Mi, I MISS YO FACE. You are so gorgeous, and your voice is heavenly beautiful. I miss your tall legs, and I love your nose. You are one of the most charismatic people ever…I LOVE YOUR LOVE FOR SUPER MARIO, WE SHOULD BE BUDDIES CUZ I LOVE IT TOO. 

I wanna thank Siwon for proving to people that if they have god in their life, life wll be much easier. It’s all about believing, being a good person and having faith in the world. Thank you Siwon, for giving me that faith…And strength to believe in myself and making me see things from another angle. 

HEECHUL I MISS YOU TOO BOO. It’s so different now that you’re not there…I can’t wait till your journey ends and we see your gorgeous unique face again…I wanna see my Heechul again…It’s not the same…Despite what people say you really are unique in a good way…

YESUNG! ART-LIKE VOICE. Omg. Thank the lord for giving you one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard in my entire life. You are unimaginably handsome and I really look up to you. 

Lastly, I wanna thank Kibum for always calling himself a part of Super Junior. He’s working hard, and I respect him no matter what. and I should add that he is really, really handsome. ♥ 

I wanna tell I just….wanna hug them all and tell them how amazing they and how important they are to me, and how they changed my life. 

Thank you, Super Junior. I love you eternally. 



I’m so happy i…

I’m so happy i’ll go crazy. Today -as always- the guys were awesome. I’m so grateful and happy. 

Kangin; you ARE back